Various Types of Beautiful Planter Heads

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Planter Heads

Plants are one of the most favored by most people because the green color can give a refreshing effect to our eyes. Currently, there is one unique design for your garden that is by planting a plant on a figurehead in the form of a statue or commonly referred to as planter heads. Currently, the use of this design is not only used by some people but has started general and widely used to beautify public buildings or beautify the sidewalk. So in this article will be described the making of this unique concept in simple and some type of the design.

Make Your Own Unique Head

The use of this concept is intended to make the sculpture more interesting and multifunctional. Therefore, today many blogs or videos that can explain various simple and inexpensive ways that you can apply it to your home garden. The way to make this design is quite easy, where you just need to prepare a head-shaped foam, a special spray to create textures such as soil, and primer to coat foam. The first thing you need to do is coat the surface of the foam with the primer using a brush, then let it dry for 30 minutes. Next, spray the textured special paint like soil that you can find in the building materials store. Then, once it’s dry place the pots in the head of the sculpture to make the size of the plant. Then, cut the head in accordance with the size and place the soil and plants into it, in that way your unique artificial pot is ready to use.

Various Themes for Your Home Garden

This design has a variety of very interesting themes that will give the impression of your garden either an impression of excitement or a dramatic and even creepy impression. Here are some themes that you can apply in your home garden, including:

  1. The Medusa Head Planter is one unique theme that will add the impression of festive and eye catchy in your garden. In this theme, the plant commonly that used is a cactus because it can grow elongated like a snake so this theme is called Medusa Head.
  2. The Ladies in Stone is one of the themes that will definitely give a beautiful and calming impression on your garden. This theme uses ornamental plants with small flowers of various colors that are placed on the head of a beautiful woman statue.
  3. The Gang’s All Here is one of the themes that give the impression of the crowd on your garden because basically, this theme requires more than one male sculptures. The gang’s all here describes a group of men who are chatting.

So this article hopefully can provide additional inspiration for you in applying the concept of planter heads in your garden.

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