5 Stylish Ways to Create Unique Toilet Paper Holders

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Toilet Paper Holders

Unique toilet paper holders can be found at the hardware store or home decoration store. But sometimes you will find it with expensive prices. Actually, you do not have to spend a lot of money just for buying toilet paper holders, considering you can make it your own. The materials can also from the used things in your house or unused items. So, I think this is the right time to check your warehouse, in case there are several things you can use to makes this kind of item. And in this article I am going to show you several ways you can try in order to make your own toilet paper holder.

Wooden toilet paper holder

Well, you can use a wood for toilet holder. The wooden toilet holder will show the clean, simple, and natural sense in your bathroom. Other than that, you can use any wood sticks or anything made of wood for the toilet paper holder. It will be a unique item and the unused item in your warehouse will be used and have a real function as well.

Wicker toilet paper holder

A basket can be a saver when it comes to bathroom to overcome clutters in it. Putting a wicker basket under your bathroom sink will add another sense of decoration. You can put the toilet paper inside the basket yet the bathroom will get other decorative points in it. The wicker basket can also give the additional aesthetical element in the bathroom.

Toilet paper holder for mini bathrooms

Document organizer can actually turn into a nice toilet paper holder. It will be the innovative solution that will be fit with the small bathrooms. Other than that, you can customize the design of the organizer style to complement your bathroom. So, why don’t you try this thing now?

Scraps of fabrics are an item that can be found in every household. If you get the smart seamstress then you can turn it into a very nice yet functional toilet roll holder. Well, you should also know if this item can give some vintage touch in the interior of the bathroom.

Accessories for toilet roll holder

Besides it serves for toilet paper holder, you can turn other home accessories into this item. What do you say about putting the toilet paper inside the glass jar? Of course it is not a common idea since we are talking about unique toilet paper holders.

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