3 Styles of Unique Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

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Unique Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

Unique free standing toilet paper holder can be made if you like to do the DIY project. DIY project allows you to have very unique and limited edition item and the toilet paper holder is just one of those items after all. Even though toilet paper is not the most glamour item you may find in the bathroom, the existence can add up some clutters inside your bathroom. On the other hand, you need the existence of this item since you will not be able to wipe without this thing, if you prefer the dry toilet.

Most people will put their toilet paper on the standard holder made of brackets on the wall. But will you be the most of people too? So, in this article I will show you some idea to give a nice touch in your toilet with unique toilet roll holder. It will be unique and sometimes you can find the materials in your house as well.

Toilet paper holder shelf

Well, you can make a shelf in your toilet as your toilet paper holder as well. The shelf will serve as its previous function or you can put your stuff like cosmetic or bottle spray or just a vase of nice flowers. Then you can install the spindle holder below the shelf. The holder will be installed on the shelf, not the wall under the shelf. The spindle holder may be a standard thing but the spot you use to mount the holder is really creative.

Use a pipe and rope for the holder

You will need a hook mounted on the wall. But you can use a nice hook for this project. Then you can install a rope in a pipe so it can be hung on the hook. Of course you will put the toilet roll on the pipe first and then hang the rope on the hook. It will be a unique holder in your toilet.

Shabby chic toilet paper holder

You can actually put the newspaper holder inside your toilet for your toilet roll holder as well. The classic look, the soft color and peeled paint will add more interesting looks in the toilet. But this style may ask for the wide toilet. If you only have small space for bathroom of toilet, this toilet paper holder is not recommended.

So, those are the ideas that I like the most if I am going to make a unique free standing toilet paper holder.

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