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Martin's Home Furniture

Martin’s home furniture can be the best choice for your home. There are many best products that can be found at Martin. You can find home furnishings, commercial office, and hospitality stuffs. There are comprehensive items that can be found.

Talking about Martin, actually this article is going to tell you about Martin Company and their best product. So, by reading this article, you will be able to get such reviews as your best reference. Keep reading below!

Martin Company

The founder of Martin is Gil Martin. He founded it exactly in 1980. It was firstly in the aeronautical industry area of San Diego- California. After that, this company upgraded their products by using the woodworking skills to be applied on their best products.

For your information, Gill actually started the company on furniture products in front of his house. He started the furniture products to be marketed regionally. 35 years later, he still ran this company privately. But, he involved the company career into international level. He lead his company being international manufacturer, furniture designer, and distributor.

There is also their corporate office and distribution center about 250,000 ft2. It is located in San Diego, California. Meanwhile the company operation in Asia is handled in Dongguan, China. Besides that, you can also find other two manufactures in Mexico.

Martin Furniture Products

Talking about their products, actually there are many tips of them that can be found. You can find veneer, hardwood, and also laminate furniture. There will be also their specifications and designs.

Then, what about their products specifications? Keep reading below! Here are some reviews of their products.

  • Coffee Table

This coffee table is the fresh product that can be chosen at Martin. It has the new look with Kathy Ireland design. You will find the artisan handcrafted design on it. That’s why it will be very perfect for your home. You can also get the bold lines, rustic style, and steel frame on this table. There is also wire burnished finish. Well, this collection will really create the comfortable look of your home.

  • Open Pier with Drawer

This product is kind of industrial metal trim product. You will find that concept on its face. This furniture product is decorated by oversized crown moldings on the piers, consoles on the top, and the rustic style. You can use it for your larger TV. Finally, those are all about Martin’s home furniture.

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