The Advantages of Ashley Home Furniture Credit Card

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Ashley Home Furniture Credit Card

Furniture is one of the secondary needs that today has become the primary need for as large people. When buying or making a home the first thing to do is fill the house with a variety of beautiful things such as guest chairs, tables, dining table sets, beds, and others. One of them is a large furniture company like Ashley that offers a new financial program that is Ashley home furniture credit card. This service has several advantages that greatly benefit the customers where the main advantage is the customers who want to buy various products in Ashley Home Furniture does not need to go to the main store, simply by making transactions through credit cards then order products will be delivered to your home address. Therefore in the article will be explained about some kind of financing program provided by Ashley Home Furniture sera profit that you will get by using the program.

Various Financing Types of Ashley Furniture Credit Card

The financing program provided by Ashley furniture in the form of a transaction through credit card is realized by cooperation by Synchrony Bank. The credit card you can use to make purchases with the credit system at the same time you can use as an insurance card in case of damage to the furniture you get from Ashley Home Furniture. Here are some types of financing offered by Ashley Home Furniture, including:

  1. 6/12 Months. This financing system allows you to purchase furniture without directly paying off the payment immediately. The first system is 6 months where if you do not complete the payment within 6 months then the remaining unpaid funds will be charged as interest on your credit card. The second system is 12 months where if you can not pay off the payment within 12 months, then the remaining funds will also be charged as interest credit card of course with the bigger amount of interest from system 6 months. This system you can combine with discount programs that are available.
  2. 24/48/60 Months. This system can not be combined with the applicable discount program and the system does not apply interest on your credit card. But the payment applied is much more expensive than the minimum payment.

The Benefit of Ashley Credit Card

Here are some benefits you will get with credit cards provided by Ashley furniture company, including:

  1. Ease of buying products. With the card, you can buy products offered by Asley without having to go to the main store. Transactions can be done even when you do not have sufficient funds but the need for an item is very urgent.
  2. Ease in getting insurance services. The financing card provided by Ashley furniture can also make it easier for you to do the insurance process when something unexpected happens to your furniture.

Thus this article may be useful information about Ashley home furniture credit card.

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