Save Your Small Dining Area with Telescoping Dining Table

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Telescoping Dining Table

Telescoping dining table is a great solution for every homeowner which has small dining area. No matter what the room is, small space is always challenging to work. It is since you need to choose everything especially the furniture carefully. The wrong furniture place in small dining room will automatically transform its atmosphere into crowded feel. When you get spacious dining room, you can choose furniture freely but when the space is limited, it is important to consider the size of furniture. Dining table with telescoping model happens to be one of the best options since it offers a number of advantages.

Flexible design

This type of table comes with flexible design with a part which can be pulled out. Its original size commonly can be used for three to four people. However, there are a lot of people who like to seat; this table can be expanded in certain types of length since each table might be designed with different length. Just in few seconds the small table can be transformed into the long one. Telescoping dining cable is equipped with a bridge to make it longer and it is usually made from aluminium. The bridge allows the table part to slide easily so that you do not need to worry of any stuck due to tight joints. It also has additional set of legs which can be pulled out whenever it is required in order to support the longer structure.

More affordable price

Even though this telescoping table is strong and flexible but it happens to be cheaper solution for those who want to save more budgets in the dining room. Unlike common table which require many materials to make a big and tight structure, since its original size is smaller than it uses less materials. This is automatically also affect the table price. The telescoping table is available in more affordable price in the market. It is quite great price compared to its ability in accommodating many people and can be changed into small console within seconds.


When you have small dining area you do need to add the space but choose the perfect furniture so that it can accommodate more people. Dining table with telescoping model not only becomes effective space saver but also serve as interesting piece of furniture to be placed inside the house. It is because this table are available in small console which can be expanded and there are also designs which combined a buffet which can be expanded as telescoping dining table.

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