Tips before You Apply for Painting and Decorating Apprenticeships

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Painting And Decorating Apprenticeships

Painting and decorating apprenticeships are just one of apprenticeship jobs available in the market that requires certain requirements. It is basically open for both adults and teenagers. This works like volunteering in order to build your experience in the field you have chosen. After that you can show the skills that are transferrable.

The degree for apprenticeships

Basically, if you are someone who dropped out from school then you can take the apprenticeships degree. There are several programs available and you have to complete the level until getting the “A”. The degree can also be achieved by building up your skill level through certain skill type you chose in apprenticeships. You better do not have the student debt if you want to get ahead of the peers in case of the salary as well as career ladder.

University vs. apprenticeships

Some experts believe that the apprenticeships allow you to get higher salary rather than the university graduates. But in 2015 the data showed the opposite result. But of course there are benefits by taking the apprenticeships if you do not feel like graduating from university or dropped out. You will get some money when you are learning in apprenticeship and you will also achieve the qualification in what you do. Apprenticeships about painting and decorating will need the specialization on those fields. So, if you good at it, you can take apprenticeships in what you are good at. Besides, you really can go for it right after you leave school, immediately.

Apprenticeships also allow you to show your skill and make it sharper. It is common if people who took apprenticeships had better skill than those who graduated from university. So, I will say that apprenticeships are worth to consider for university alternative, as long as you commit to complete each level of apprenticeships.

You do not need work experience to go ahead

Apprenticeships can be touted as a great starting step in getting into career ladder. It does not ask you to have the previous experience from your work if you do not have it anyway. On the other hand, you cannot underestimate the skill value and also the experience you would gain if you take this step. It can be started with organizing certain event, leading a team, supporting others with different level and many more. There are also several job vacancies for those who took painting and decorating apprenticeships.

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