Why You Need to Use Concrete Rectangular Planter for Your Garden

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Concrete Rectangular Planter

Concrete rectangular planter is renowned with its simple and minimalist design so it is commonly used to decorate a modern house or placed in a simple garden. This also serves as the best planter for small plants like succulents. It is different with common pots made from plastic or clay. Even though the design of the planter looks simple, it is very strong and durable since it is made from cement. Instead of being painted with various colours like common planters available in the market, this one even preserve its original concrete colour which becomes its good value. Its classic concrete structure is actually the reason why this planter is extremely durable.


Concrete which is the main material used to make this planter is not only strong but also highly durable. It is not similar with wooden or plastic planter which can easily break due to hash outdoor environment, concrete will be long lasting. However, concrete planter is heavy so it will stand still even being blown by strong wind and hit by people or other things. Even when you home is located in damp climate, this planter will not easily damaged due to intense rain or high humidity.


Concrete rectangular planter comes in wide variety of sizes. Large plants like trees and shrubs need to be placed in bigger containers in order to support its root and provide them with great space to grow. The majority of concrete pots are available in large size so that how strong the roots of the plants, this planter will not break easily. However, if you want to beautify the garden with flowery plants or herbs that come with smaller root systems, then using concrete planter can reduce root crowding and offer better moisture on its soil.


Concrete pots are commonly offered on its original look of material. This planter also can be painted using various colours in order to provide different kinds of decorative effects. However, you can leave it on its original look as well. Besides offers classical look, its bare condition as develop the age, it will create mossy look which make its more natural. This planter usually comes with decorative elements as well. The customized type for instance can be added with mosaic tile on its outer part in order to make it more colourful. The design which looks good both on its original look or when being decorated is another reason why people like to choose concrete rectangular planter.

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