Beautiful Designs of Wood Artwork For Walls

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Wood Artwork For Walls

Wood is one of the natural resources that are very multifunctional because it can be used as a building material but can also function as one of the interior design that has its own uniqueness. Currently, the trend is the use of wood artwork for walls because it can give the impression of comfort and peace in the room in your home. However, due to the development of the times of the interior design craftsmen develop the function of wood into one of the decoration to beautify the wall. Therefore in this article will be explained in detail about the characteristics of good wood as well as various designs of wooden crafts for the walls.

Characteristics of a Good Wood

According to research, woody plants first appeared from 395 to 400 million years ago and were first used by early humans to make some equipment such as hunting, cooking, and building materials. Basically, the wood itself is one part of the stem or twig hardened plant because it undergoes a process called with lignification. The lignification process that causes hardening of plant parts occurs due to the accumulation process of cellulose and lignin contained in the dinging of layer cells in the stem section. In general, wood is divided into two types, namely hardwood, and softwood which both functioned differently today. Softwood is generally used for making paper or tissue because it is easy to destroy. While hardwood is used for building materials, various furniture and handicrafts. Characteristics of wood density are influenced by the water content contained in the wood, the more water the wood will be more soft and flexible.

Beautiful Idea of ​​Wood Art to the Cheer up the Walls

The idea is an infinite thing that can create unique things that are often meaningful, not to mention wood artwork that can be created in accordance with your wishes. Here are some designs that can beautify the walls of your home, including:

  1. Wooden Family Tree. The family is one of the wonderful graces that everyone in the world gets. So most of the people choose to capture it in the form of family photos but there is no harm in trying something new. The use of wood to make a wooden family tree is very memorable and beautiful because you can carve every family member’s name and place it into one part of the wall of your house.
  2. Christmas Tree With Lights. In welcoming natal you will always prepare a Christmas tree, what if you added a new decoration ?. Wood can be used to create Christmas trees taped to the walls and decorated with the lights.

Thus this article may be useful for you in choosing wood artwork for walls.


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