6 Aspects in the Application of Mobile Home Decorating Ideas Single Wide

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Mobile Home Decorating Ideas Single Wide

Having a wide room with lots of rooms is a dream of everyone. Unfortunately, this reality is not always equal to one’s wishes. Single wide house becomes a possible choice to build for a residence. But, it doesn’t mean that a single wide house is not comfortable. There are some mobile home decorating ideas single wide to improve its comfort. Some aspects must be considered before decorating and applying the ideas.


Ceiling is an important home part to decorate single wide room. Higher look ceiling is a right option to decorate your house. You must design it highly by applying some creative ideas for the ceiling design. Apply paint or wallpaper on the ceiling in order to look higher. Painted and wallpaper ceiling will look interesting and attractive. This is making the single wide room look wider.


Another aspect in mobile home decorating ideas single wide is considering the windows. Make sure that you make a number of wide windows for this room. The bigger size windows are a great spot for natural light exposed to the inside of single wide room. The decoration with nature help is making the room wider and more character.

Wall and Floor

The next aspects are related to wall and floor. The lighter wall and floor appears a wide impression to the single wide room. This is also making it feel mobile for doing multitasking activities inside it. Try to use bright colors on the wall and floor. The bright color will reflect light so that the single wide room looks wider.


Another aspect is about its paint. You should apply a same paint color. The same paint to all rooms with no borders must be conducted. For example, you apply a same paint color in bedroom and family room. The similarity of paint color will appear wide impression for everyone staying it.


Make sure that the distance of furniture to wall is sufficient. This is used to give space. Keep away furniture items from wall. Don’t put sofa or desk to the wall. It causes a bad impression. It is creating room illusion making the room look wider and larger.


The sunshine from outside is helpful to make a single wide room look mobile and wider by opening curtains. You should open the curtain at noon. Let the sunshine exposed to the room making it wider. Those are some mobile home decorating ideas single wide to think over.

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