5 Unique and Nice Chess Sets to Know

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Nice Chess Sets

Do you like chess? Of course, you are accustomed to seeing one kind of chess set with black and white board and common chess pawns. It is rarely found a different chess set, right? Actually, there are some unique and nice chess sets that can be found in the world. It will change your mind with a monotonous chess board set. Let’s discuss it.

Electric Chess Set

One kind of unique chess set is electric chess set. It is very different from the other chess sets. It uses electricity and all electric components to make a complete set of chess board. The chessboard is made of black and white electric socket. The chess pawns are changed to be light. When the light is eaten by competitor, the light will be taken aside. It is little bit weird to choose for playing chess.
3D Chess Set

This chess set focus more on the changes on board not chess pawns. It is made of wood cut to be rectangle and square. Then, it is assembled to be up and down parts. With that way, it gives a different sensation for chess players to play chess. It gives a 3D situation for everyone playing one of these nice chess sets.

Cutting Sticker Chess Set

This chess set is famously known to be scotchlite. The material used is mostly covering on motorcycle. This is possibly used for chess board. The scotchlite is from brand of Dc-Fix. The Germany sticker is very great and excellent quality so that it is durable. It has some colors, motifs, and wooden fibers. The plaid chess set uses this sticker except Smyslov type and Mikhail Botvinnik type.

Present Chess

It is a new innovation of chess set. When you want to play chess, sometimes a thing making you lazy is setting the pawn of chess. But, there is a solution. What is it? Present chess is the latest chess board in which you shouldn’t arrange the chess pawns when you want to play chess. In present chess, everything has been automatically and set well due to the unique setting on the board.

Offset Chess Set

The last type of nice chess sets is offset. It is famously known to be printed paper. This material is from art paper with the thickness of 180 gram printed by a machine. Then, it is given anti scratch layer. The material is very great for chess board because it is very soft and gentle.

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